HubSpot Experiential 2015

As HubSpot's Creative Director, I led an in-house team of designers, animators, and videographers in our U.S. and EMEA offices. We created brand identities, websites, print collateral, and motion graphics and launched brand campaigns and events.

Experiential Branding
Creative Director & Designer


How might we increase attendance and engagement for HubSpot's INBOUND 2015?


Created floor to ceiling event branding with activations for our fans to refuel and share their love of HubSpot and the INBOUND movement.

Fan Activations

We asked what fuels our INBOUND attendees and ensured that everything we did rewards fans for participating, from exclusive activities, schwag, extras for buying tickets, behind-the-scenes stories, and activities that play out on social media before and at the show.

Print Collateral and Digital Signage

HubSpot Experiential 2015

Stenciled Prompts

Interior Exhibit Design and Digital Signage for HQ & Club Inbound

Club Inbound Step and Repeat Backdrop Illustration


HubSpot Opening Keynote Video

Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah aren’t just the founders of HubSpot but the INBOUND movement. We wanted a dynamic intro that set the stage for their talks while staying true to their quirky personalities and startup roots.

Wonder twins activate. Inside every INBOUND marketer is an untapped power, the Power of G (Growth). In an effort to unearth this power for INBOUND marketers Dharmesh builds an arcade machine, but before it’s finished it goes haywire sucking Brian and Dharmesh into the game itself. Once inside the game we watch Brian and Dharmesh as they battle their way through classic OUTBOUND villains in a quest to get out of the game, beat the clock and obtain the Power of G in time for their keynote address. NBD. Watch the video here.


Grew attendance ~2x year-over-year, from 8k to 14k.

Team Shoutouts

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