Packaging & Logos 07/23

Creating iconic brand identities and packaging as a designer and illustrator is just one of the many passions that inspire me to keep creating. Here is a smattering of just a few examples from the last 10 years.

Packaging & Logos
Designer & Illustrator

Loud Mouth Prebiotic Soda

Prebiotic soda brand Loud Mouth packaging brings the vibes of the times with playful characters flooding our feeds and DMs. The colors, playful copy, and illustrations I created speak to a soda with a bite that's good for you—unlike blowhards and unhinged AI bots.

Github Packaging

Github's community is made up of 100MM+ developers worldwide, working on open-source projects ranging from Ruby on Rails to Tensorflow. For a community this vast and diverse, we wanted to give our attendees of Github's tentpole event, Universe, a chance to bring home and customize a vinyl figurine that could act as their desktop avatar. Our figurine, which we lovingly call "Blanktocat" is based on Github's lovable mascot, an Octocat named Mona. Each attendee could purchase one through a Github shop as our golden Tentocat to celebrate GitHub's ten-year anniversary.

Packaging & Logos 07/23

Coca-Cola Supply Chain Brand Identity

Little known sugar water brand has a supply chain worthy of a signature mark. I kept the Coca-Cola wheels moving by using the iconic pop top as a visual container for my logotype treatment.

CX Methods, Brand Identity

I created a logo mark for the website, dedicated to design methods to send the ladder back down. This site helps transform budding UX designers into CX (customer experience) designers with real-world design tools that they can use in minutes.

Roam, Tech Enabled RV Parks, Brand Identity

RV parks needed an upgrade for the nomadic traveler who wanted one foot on the pedal and another outdoors while staying connected to their job. Enter Roam, tech-enabled RV parks that let you drive on and "stay ahead."To convey this in a symbol, I created a logotype that was a metaphor for the open road, a well-worn black top, and the angled imagery of what an RV bus looks like as it drives past you.